• Mission House # 12, Street # 6, D-Bloack, Youhanaabad Lahore
  • (042) 3595-1066
  • Mission House # 12, Street # 6, D-Bloack, Youhanaabad Lahore
  • (042) 3595-1066

LEM Village Ministry


When I was in my theological studies, I was asked to do the theses for my master degree in theology. I decided to write my theses on “OCULTISM AMONG CHRISTIAN IN PAKISTAN”. That was very practical theme and it gave me a passion and heart to continue my village ministry in Pakistan. After the completion of my theological training, in 1991, I was appointed as a curate in a massive high Anglican Cathedral. I learnt a lot about the traditions, system and administration of the Church but I was still hungry for evangelism. After five year in Cathedral, I asked my Bishop to transfer me somewhere else to do some evangelism. In 1995, He transferred me at St. Andrews Church, another posh evangelical Church in Lahore. This was a bit opportunity to do some village ministry. By being in the diocese, I was still hungry was evangelism and finally in 2003 I resigned from the Lahore diocese and started LEM “Lahore Evangelical Ministries”.

LEM focuses on three things;

  • To train and equip pastors and Church leaders in Pakistan to preach the Gospel on it merits. For last twelve year, we have seen a big difference in Pastors’ lives and their ministry in the villages.
  • We do regular village ministry on every Friday and arrange seminars, conferences and conventions to meet the spiritual needs of the people.
  • We teach and preach to millions through our Cable TV Channel (LEM TV).

Background and Psychology of the village people

In 1947, at the time of partition of Pakistan, many Hindus and Sikh could not go to India and due to the animosity between Muslim and Hindus, many Hindus and Sikh decided to become Christian. This was not a real conversion but just to save them from Muslim’s threat to be killed. (My family was also one of them). They were registered in Pakistan as Christian but still continued their previous religious practices. This is very common in villages and slums in Pakistan.

Because Kaur is very next district to Lahore and we focus more on the said district. There are more than 100 villages, which is a big challenge to meet. We also cover Lahore, Gujranwala, Faisal-Abad and Multan but our main concern is in Kasur and Gujranwala because we have cheap and easy access to these cities.


They are so called Christians and don’t know the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ and due to them all Christians and Christian Faith in Pakistan are misunderstood by the Muslims.

They do practice wrong things like, ancestor’s worship, Saints’ worship, Shrines’ worship and they have many Idols in their homes. They don’t have proper regular weekly Church Service by any Trained pastors. I think this is the more miserable and ignored area of villages.

In Pakistan 70% population is in the villages and the whole population is divided in three categories.

  • Village people 30%. These people are illiterate, have no strong knowledge of Christian faith because of the poor Christian leadership.
  • Brick kiln people 20%. These people are like slaves to the Muslims feudal. They are living at the same place generation after generation. They are under debt are never concerned for their faith. This is another challenge of village ministry.
  • Slums People 20%. They are very poor people living in the slums near the big cities. Their main job is sweeping and cleaning. They work for Muslim’s institutions and houses as cleaners with their hands. This is considered the most menial job in Pakistan which is dedicated for the poor and illiterate Christians.


We should consider them firstly as human and secondly as our brothers and sisters in Christ and help them by doing three things:

  • To go and visit those to make them realized that they are very precious to Christ who died for them and to us as Christian brothers and sisters.
  • We must introduce Jesus to them and work for their salvation by preaching the good news of our Lord Jesus Christ.
  • We must train the pastors and Church leaders who can continue weekly preaching to them to keep them alive in their Christian faith.

To achieve our mission we must take some practical steps not to show our professionalism but our Christian passion and compassion towards them to bring them in Lord’s kingdom.

So please consider and pray to launch a proper project of village ministry to meet the very urgent and serious need of the day.